2014 Gladfest Event

Gladfest 2014

In 2013 we created a hugely successful, boutique, affordable festival bringing readers and internationally renowned writers together.

Gladfest 2014 expanded upon the previous year's success, offering a programme bursting at the seams with poets, writers, politicians; our very own bookshop, Gladbooks; the return of our hugely popular Craft Fair; fun and festivity; and locally sourced food produced in house at the Food for Thought coffee shop and restaurant.

Our Gladfest 2014 guests: Douglas Hurd, Edward Young, Zia Chaudhry, Michael Nobbs and Francesca Haig.

Laura Wilkinson, Katherine Angel, Katrina Naomi, Salley Vickers, Martin Daws and Robert McCrum.

Melissa Harrison, Richard Holloway, Vanessa Gebbie, Stephen May, Tania Hershman, Katrina Naomi and Tim Ridley.

Michael Nobbs, Hugh Pym, Sarah Perry, Nadene Ghouri and Natacha Tormey. 

You can hear some of our talks on our Sound Cloud page. 

View our Gladfest 2014 slideshow: