Improve your writing, find out how to publish your novel, get hints and tips and find inspiration during our February micro-festival. 

Pull up a chair, gather around the hearth and indulge in a day of stimulating and entertaining conversation.

Hearth began in 2013 and is held every year. It is an opportunity to meet, talk and create with four authors over a day of writing-related activity.

Former Hearth guests include Lucy Gough, Rebecca Abrams, James Runcie and Patricia Bracewell (Nov 2014); Adnan Mahmutovic, Neil Griffiths, Melissa Harrison and Tania Hershman (Feb 2014); Sarah Butler, Katrina Naomi, Suzette Hill and Jessie Burton (Feb 2015). Please use the sidebar to the left to navigate our successful past and exciting upcoming Hearth festivals. 

Listen to a selection of recordings from our past Hearth festivals over on our SoundCloud page.