Politics in Residence

Politics in Residence at Gladstone’s Library recognises the best written expressions of political thought, particularly that which encourages political debate with a public audience. Developed from the Library’s successful Writer in Residence programme, Politics in Residence recognises some of the best non-fictional writing in English.

Politics in Residence provides space and resources for two writers whose work engages with liberal values. By liberal values, we do not mean views aligned with any one political ideology, but rather:

  • a commitment to freedom and social justice;
  • tolerance and respect of difference;
  • open-mindedness coupled with intellectual curiosity;
  • generosity of spirit and a willingness to learn from others. 

The prize rewards thoughtful, well-researched considerations of contemporary political topics. We take ‘political’ to mean any cultural, spiritual, economic, political, social or ethical issue. The prize does not distinguish between political leanings or affiliations; all submissions, however, must be aimed firmly at engaging the general public. Creative non-fiction, journalism, lifewriting and biography are all eligible.

In keeping with the ethos of the prize, the winning writer will take up residency at Gladstone’s Library for two weeks. During the residency the writer must host a discussion event that includes a presentation of their work and a Q&A. The event must be designed to engage with an audience of the general public. Acknowledging the global significance of political topics, the winning writer will also submit two blogs about their work while in residence.

Founded by William Ewart Gladstone in 1894, Gladstone’s Library is committed to maintaining his legacy of engagement with social, moral, spiritual and ethical questions by helping people reflect more deeply on the questions that concern them. The Residency programme is designed to share the Library’s benefits with as many people as we can, broadening the Library’s audience and benefiting from their perspectives in turn. The Library welcomes all, regardless of gender, race, class, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. All Political Writers in Residence will be at ease with this inclusive ethos. 

Please watch this space for details of the next Politics in Residence award.