Politics in Residence | Gladstone's Library



We are sorry to say that Politics in Residence, like Writer in Residence, is delayed until 2022.

Due to Covid-19 Gladstone's Library will be closed for almost a full year. We closed our doors in March 2020 and our re-opening plans are aimed at Spring 2021. If you feel you can make any kind of financial donation to support the work that we do here, and help us re-open, please click here for information.

Politics in Residence at Gladstone’s Library recognises the best written expressions of political thought, particularly that which encourages political debate with a public audience. Developed from the Library’s successful Writer in Residence programme, Politics in Residence recognises some of the best non-fictional writing in English.

The prize rewards thoughtful, well-researched considerations of contemporary political topics. We take ‘political’ to mean any cultural, spiritual, economic, political, social or ethical issue. The prize does not distinguish between political leanings or affiliations; all submissions, however, must be aimed firmly at engaging the general public. Creative non-fiction, journalism, lifewriting and biography are all eligible.

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