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Please take a moment to read our Covid-19 update.

The Reading Room and our collections are currently closed to all visitors and will not re-open until Spring 2021.

The Library has suffered severe economic consequences as a result of Covid-19 and is currently operating with a skeleton staff, so we are unable to offer any kind of reader, collection or reprographic service. We're sorry that we cannot help more but we are fighting to ensure the future of the Library. Please bear with us until we can welcome you all back - we miss you!

If you feel you can donate to help us stay open for the future, please click here. Thank-you.

Our Reading Rooms are a rare commodity: a silent library.

Whatever you're working on and however you like to work, you will find a space to suit you here. Not working? You can read, ponder, dream, sketch, revise, draft, think...

With 26 desks and a growing number of comfortable armchairs, we strive to make the Reading Rooms at Gladstone's Library a place of contemplative study. Fully Wi-Fi enabled and with almost 150,000 printed items on the open shelves, the Reading Rooms are just as Gladstone intended - a place for study. We're very proud to say that our users include school, college and university students, researchers, theologians and clergy, local historians, academics, and award-winning novelists, scriptwriters, poets, and playwrights.

In the last decade we've been made aware of over 300 books that have been inspired, started, revised, finished or otherwise worked on while the writer was at Gladstone's Library. Not bad for a lovely little library in North Wales.

Please note that access to our Reading Rooms is as a Reader or ReaderPLUS member, as a residential guest or you can view the Reading Rooms by coming along for a short, 15 minute Glimpse, which we run three times daily completely free of charge, at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm only.

Due to the age and the nature of the building, the upper level of the Reading Rooms and the Annex are not accessible by wheelchair-users. However if you require any items from these areas, please do ask at the Enquiry Desk and we will be happy to bring them to you.

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