Drawing Blood, Drawing Poison, Drawing Fire: An Exhibition

The Drawing Blood, Drawing Poison, Drawing Fire digital exhibition is here!

Meet the anarchic, irreverent Judy, who will take you on an animated jaunt through the universe of 19th Century parliament and the rivalry between William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli, 

Based on images found at Gladstone's Library, these 18 animations are witty, colourful and pointed. You can watch them all here until January 4, when they will remain available to Friends through our digital archive.

Drawing Blood 1: St Stephen's Meet

Drawing Blood 2: No Thoroughfare

Drawing Blood 3: Beautiful Forever

Drawing Blood 4: Holiday Making

Drawing Blood 5: Where's Your License?

Drawing Blood 6: Lightening the Ship

Drawing Blood 7: To the Fore

Drawing Blood 8: Friends in Council

Drawing Blood 9: An Unequal Match

Drawing Blood 10: Hard Hitting

Drawing Blood 11: Two Heads

Drawing Blood 12: Knocking Him Over

Drawing Blood 13: Fairy Godmothers

Drawing Blood 14: The British Lion

Drawing Blood 15: No Pleasing Some

Drawing Blood 16: Careless

Drawing Blood 17: Regrets

Drawing Blood 18: Pumping the Premier


As artist Simon Grennan explains, his work riffs on the "burlesque" of Victorian British politics. His vivid and imaginative additions continue the work of the cartoonists William Henry Boucher and John Proctor, who skewered the politicians of their day within Judy; or the London Serio-Comic Journal, while drawing attention to the lasting impact of the decisions and policies enacted more than a century ago on contemporary individuals and communities. 

In doing so, he has breathed new life into historical drawings, linked them to contemporary events and illustrated how they remain relevant to modern audiences.

Find our more about the project here.