Gladfest 2021: Katie Hale



Gladfest 2021: Katie Hale author of My Name Is Monster

11th September - 11th September 2021

The very versatile Katie Hale will be speaking at Gladfest, in addition to her role as Writer in Residence. 

Katie Hale is a poet, lyricist and novelist who says she has her ‘finger in a lot of art-related pies’. She can be found blogging, leading workshops, reviewing, managing and administering art projects, writing song lyrics, and even performing as the ‘occasional frontwoman of a guerrilla poetry mission’.

She spent February 2019 as poet in residence at the Wordsworth Trust. Katie’s poetry has been published in two pamphlets – 
Breaking the Surface (2017) and Assembly Instructions (2019) – as well as magazines like Poetry Review. Her poetry has either won or been shortlisted for many prizes, including the Buzzwords Poetry Prize and the Manchester Poetry Prize. Her debut novel was 2019’s My Name is Monster. 

Inspired by Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein, My Name Is Monster is a novel about power, about the things that society leaves imprinted on us when the rules no longer apply, and about the strength and the danger of a mother’s love.

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