The Good Life Experience

GladLib goes on tour to the Hawarden Estate festival!

A relaxed coffee house and centre of debate where visitors can discuss books and liberalism over coffee and cake.

William Gladstone was many things, but most of all he was a reader. His daily diary entries are brief, but he always made sure to note down the book he finished that day. Gladstone knew the power of a good book, and the happiness that comes from a willingness to learn with an open mind. We’re bringing our pop-up Library and debate space to the Good Life, complete with a range of aromatic teas and the famous Gladstone’s biscuit! Settle down with drink, browse our Library information, and meet your new best friend...

With Bibliotherapy…

A library is a ‘House of Healing for the Soul’ (according to an inscription above the entrance to the royal library of Rameses II, at least). Let the Gladstone’s Library team heal your soul with our unique brand of Bibliotherapy.

Simply write your problem (‘no time to read’, perhaps, or ‘stressful life’, or ‘insomnia’) on the card and pop it into our handy Cure-All Box. The Gladstone’s Library team will cast their expert eye over your diagnosis and prescribe your literary cure!

And Zia Chaudhry!

Pop in to listen to Zia's free talk Can Islam be a Force for Good in the Modern World? at 1pm on Sunday, 17th September.

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