Liberal Islam

Liberal Islam

‘I worry about my sons supporting Manchester United, not whether they’ll run off to join Isis.’

Speaking as an ‘average Muslim’, Zia Chaudhry answers questions about Islam today and offers a liberal view of the religion. An opportunity to dispel disinformation and misinformation.

Zia Chaudhry is a Liverpool-based barrister and author of Just Your Average Muslim. In 2007 he founded the Spirit of Cordoba, a charity that aims to encourage Muslims to participate in the wider community and to foster collaboration with other communities, challenging prejudices. Zia became a Trustee of Gladstone’s Library after being integral to the Library’s initiative to open the country’s first Islamic Reading Room, The House of Wisdom.

Gladstone’s Library is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Altajir Trust and the Didymus Trust.

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