An Evening With Caoilinn Hughes - On Embracing Uncertainty

10th March - 10th March 2022

On Embracing Uncertainty: writing into the dark with Caoilinn Hughes
Thursday March 10th, 2022 from 
7pm to 8pm.

When writer Caoilinn Hughes said she’d like to give a talk on the moments in her writing life where uncertainty really paid off, we knew we wanted to hear it. As Caoilinn says, the world rewards us for having a plan – but is that really the best for us? What might happen if we thought about uncertainty in a new way, embracing it rather than trying to push it out of our lives? Join Caoilinn for a funny, thoughtful and (sometimes) painful look at the moments writing into the dark really paid off. 

Caoilinn Hughes is an Irish writer whose novels, short fiction and poetry have won many awards. Whatever the form, her work always engages with social, moral and ethical questions. Her first novel, Orchid and the Wasp, is a picaresue novel that considers what gets proven when a person uses her own life to corroborate dark truths. 

Her latest novel is The Wild Laughter, a blackly comic and tragic saga set on an Irish potato farm.


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