Be a part of the Gladfest Fringe!

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Help us make the Gladfest Fringe the best it can be. Share your passions and get the community thinking together!

Our beloved Gladfest Fringe is part of a three-year programme to improve community engagement and access in and around Gladstone’s Library. Kindly supported by The Ashley Family Foundation, the Fringe will develop into a space where all the events are free to access and free to use. Community events are a great way to make friends, learn new skills, and raise the spirits.

In 2018 the community worked with us to offer a programme of performances and workshops, and we hope you enjoyed them! In 2019 we want to expand the programme even further. We want to see a tent filled with people sharing their passions, skills and talents. Gladfest has always been a festival dedicated to learning new things, and we want to fill the Fringe with learning spaces designed by the festival community. Could you help?

Perhaps you know how to identify common British birds, or tie knots? Could you teach people simple knitting skills, or get started with the guitar? Could you give a ten-minute talk on why people should read crime fiction, or appreciate twentieth-century art? Are you brilliant at haiku, or illustration, or tapestry? Do you run a group that you would like to share with the Festival? Can you explain philosophy in twenty-minutes? Would you like to show people how to play the spoons, or get them to take up silversmithing? Do you know the secrets to the cryptic crossword? Do you have a favourite author you’d like to share with the world? Do you have a passion that you think people should know about? Don’t be limited by our suggestions – send in your own!

If you'd like to be involved, contact Louisa Yates telling us about your skills. Please email