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Susanna Forrest on walking

by Rhian Waller | Tuesday, 12th March 2019

After a certain age your body lets you know that sitting for hours at a desk requires a degree of physical fitness. Via carpal tunnel, twanging hamstrings or a classic 'bad back', you discover that you are not, in fact, capable of eight hours on what the Germans call your 'sitzfleisch' or 'seat meat'. 

Cal Flyn: Bilberry Woods / May

by Rhian Waller | Friday, 18th May 2018

Over a long day confined to a desk a mind can wander great distances. But bodies need exercise too. To this end, every evening before dinner – or sometimes after – I’ve been stepping into the dappled light for a walk or a jog through the Bilberry Woods, on the edge of the Hawarden Estate.

Expressions of interest for the Gladfest Market Place

by Rhian Waller | Wednesday, 26th April 2017

We are delighted to begin accepting expressions of interest from artists, crafters, designers and makers who want to participate in our fantastic Gladfest Market Place over the Gladfest weekend Saturday, 2nd - Sunday, 3rd September. This will be our biggest-ever Market Place and will house an eclectic range of goods and gifts from local and national stallholders.

DemFest 2016: what not to miss!

by Rhian Waller | Thursday, 07th April 2016

What is DemFest?’ we hear you cry! 

DemFest is the newest addition to the Gladstone's Library calendar. It’s a festival of democracy, celebrating the values of liberty and free-speech that Gladstone held so dear in his lifetime, and it’s happening from 13th May – 14th May 2016 throughout our beautiful Library building.  

Hawarden: a history

by Rhian Waller | Wednesday, 16th December 2015

Have you ever wondered about the history of the little village that we’re nestled in? Well, we’ve been digging around to bring you some of the facts!

A Walk in the Woods - a blog by Chaplain, Penelope Duckworth

by Rhian Waller | Thursday, 23rd July 2015

One of the many joys of being at Gladstone's Library, where I have come to serve two months as Chaplain, is to go for a walk through the Gladstone estate, which the family kindly offers to the public and gives further access (with an available pass) to Residents of the Library.

Access to Gladstones Library Friday 9 December

by Rhian Waller | Monday, 05th December 2011

A funeral is taking place at St Deiniols Church on Friday 9 December which will restrict vehicular access to Gladstones Library on that day. Church Lane will be closed from 8am that morning, so visito

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