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Affordable for All

Gladstone’s Library is committed to supporting writers and researchers, learners and readers at all stages of their life and career. When William Gladstone established his library, he wanted to ensure that anyone who would benefit from a residential period of study at Hawarden should not be prevented from doing so by financial constraint. There are various ways in which we endeavour to uphold Gladstone’s wishes to keep the library affordable to those who need it most:

  • The collection is free to use;
  • We offer discounts of 20% to students, clergy and members of the Society of Authors and Writers' Guild of Great Britain;
  • We can negotiate discounts for those staying for a period of one month or more;
  • We offer 50 week-long residential scholarships each year;
  • We offer a special bursary rate to genuine scholars who need to stay and use the collection throughout any one calendar year;
  • Our Residency programmes (Writer, Playwright, Politics and Theologian) support the UK’s creative and scholarly communities, supporting not only writers but the institutions to which they are affiliated;
  • We develop mutually beneficial relationships with members of the UK’s literary community, offering discounts of 10% to encourage members to support creative events across the country.

With our variety of bursaries, scholarships and residencies, we offer everyone the opportunity to apply for support from Gladstone’s Library, no matter what the project, career, or stage of life. Some of our programmes are designed to support the individual; others support the academic, literary and spiritual communities across the world.

Our programmes, and who they support

Our scholarships and bursaries are designed to support anyone working on a project that would benefit from a stay at Gladstone’s Library. Academics, postgraduates, or any private scholar working on any form of academic output (monograph, thesis, dissertation) should apply for these. Applications from anyone writing in the Arts and Humanities (including self-published authors, poets, and screenwriters) will be accepted to the General Scholarship Fund.

Our Writer in Residence programme supports traditionally published writers as well as the publishing industries in the UK. The programme is designed to support writers who, though successful by one definition, may still be working towards financial success and stability. Writers of prose fiction and creative non-fiction, poetry, screenplays and drama are all eligible, for works that are either published or have a publishing contract. It is sponsored by a generous benefactor.

Our Theologian in Residence programme works to foster collaborations between academic institutions and individual theologians. It is administered and funded by Gladstone’s Library.

Our Playwright in Residence programme supports Theatr Clwyd in their aim of developing the best emerging Welsh voices. Only playwrights appointed by Theatr Clwyd are eligible. This is a programme jointly administered by Theatr Clwyd and Gladstone’s Library.

If you work for an institution whose members would benefit from working at Gladstone’s Library, please contact the Warden Peter Francis ( for the chance to discuss discounted rates.

If you work for a publication, subscription institution, festival or literary event, please contact the Warden Peter Francis ( to discuss mutual working opportunities.