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Annual Review 2018

Stephen Gladstone Hall Project 2019-2021 

De-accessioning list:

After a very successful six months where we offered volumes from classmarks B, F, and U for free re-homing to other collections and members of the public, we currently have no books available for re-homing. Please do check back regularly though, and keep an eye on our social media.


Please note that these policies relate to the Reading Rooms only and not the wider Gladstone's Library

Mission Statement: Library Services at Gladstone’s Library (4.1.1)

Mission Statement: Archive Services at Gladstone’s Library (4.1.2)

Collections Development Policy (4.3)

Digitisation Policy (4.3.1)

De-Accessioning and Disposal Policy (4.3.2)

Donation Policy (4.3.3)

Access Policy (4.4)

Preservation and Conservation Policy (4.6)

Outreach and Public Engagement Policy (4.7)

Communications Policy (4.8)

Customer Care Standards (4.9)

Copying Policy (4.10)

Digital Preservation Policy (4.11)

Volunteering Policy (4.13)


Library Regulations

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Classmark List 

Guides to Volunteering

Volunteering at Gladstone’s Library Information Pack (14.1)

Volunteering Application Form (14.3)

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