Using the Reading Rooms | Gladstone's Library

Using the Reading Rooms

To use the Reading Rooms here at Gladstone’s Library you need to be staying as a Resident or be a Reader or Researcher. The majority of the collection is available on the open shelves, but there are restrictions on archives, distinctive collections and closed access items

Before You Visit

Before you visit, you can browse the Library’s collections via our online catalogue. You can also download our classmark list and the Reading Room map. We ask that all users familiarise themselves with the Reading Room Regulations and Opening Times. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is detailed here.

If you want to work with any older or rare items then they might be restricted, and you'll need to book in advance: take a look at these pages for all the information.

If you don't need to join as a Reader (if you're only visiting for a single day, for example), then you can apply for a Researcher pass. This gets you access to the Reading Rooms between 9am-5pm. Just email for details.

When You Get Here

No matter what time you arrive there's things you can do, and rooms to visit, which will help you explore the collections. If you arrive during staffed hours (9am-5pm) then make sure you say hello to the Enquiry Desk and ask for an induction. One of the team will show you around and give you all that you need to enjoy the Reading Rooms.

If you are visiting for the first time, take your Reader application form to the Enquiry Desk. Once you've shown your two forms of identification we'll get your Reader card processed and you can use the Reading Rooms that same day. Just remember to ask for an induction! 

Make sure you explore all our rooms, including the Annex and the House of Wisdom. You can also find the latest literary releases in the Gladstone Room - home to all the most comfortable armchairs.

If you arrive after 5pm you must work in the Theology Room. As the name suggests this is filled with Theology - but if you look at the ground-floor cabinets you'll find a selection of interesting books from across the whole collection. You'll find poetry, science, history, biography, literature - and if you look at our 'Gladstone Recommends' shelf you'll find even more! 

You'll find welcome information and the WIFI registration details on the cabinet nearest the Reading Room doors. If you have any problems there's always a friendly face at Reception and staff perform a security round every hour.  

Food for Thought

Food for thought

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