Redefining Liberalism

Re:defining liberalism

What does 'liberalism' mean today?

The aim of 'Re:defining liberalism' is to do just that; to redefine what liberalism means to us in the twenty-first century. It is a project that is particularly suited to Gladstone's Library. Liberalism has long, and of course Victorian, roots. The Liberal Party itself was started by W. E. Gladstone in 1859, but the 'classic' liberalism inherent in the party has naturally morphed and changed in the years that followed. Indeed, to be 'liberal' in 2015 need not mean an individual is particularly political; economic, theological, literary and almost all other disciplines have their own 'liberal' ideas. Re:defining liberalism seeks to bring together a multitude of opinions and definitions - a final consensus is not the aim!


Food for Thought

Food for thought

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