Gladstone Foundation Collection

Gladstone Foundation Collection

Our original distinctive collection.

True to his wish, Gladstone's original texts have always been available on the open shelves. However, as the library holdings grew over the years, Gladstone's books became part of the general library collections. The first six months of 2013 saw the Gladstone Foundation Collection - those texts that belonged to Gladstone and were used to start the Library - brought together in the same space for the first time since the majority were donated in order to found the Library in 1889. Users of the library can now stand in the Reading Rooms and gain a sense of the sheer scale of Gladstone's avid consumption of books, his diverse interests, and the scale of his donation.

Gladstone Foundation Collection books can be found on both MainCat and GladCat; they are identifiable by their green labels and the classmark WEG.

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