Work Experience by Lucy Hughes-Bowers

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This blog was written by Lucy Hughes-Bowers. Lucy is a student at Hawarden High School, and worked with us in the Library’s marketing team for a week in February

Tomorrow is my last day of work experience here at the Library, and I feel as though it has definitely been a worthwhile experience. I will admit now that I was slightly anxious on the first day as I was going into the marketing side of the Library and wasn’t sure how I would get on. Thankfully the people I was working with gave me a lot of help and put me in the right direction when it came to finishing tasks. It only took an hour for me to feel comfortable in my work placement.

Although a little rushed at times, working here was quite peaceful and was a nice change from school. I felt I could get things done more efficiently (which is always a bonus) and feel that I have learnt more about the different aspects in business, which I hope I will be of use later on in my working life. Also, they have always kept me busy here, doing a variety of jobs from creating leaflets to taking the photos to put on them, which I have really enjoyed as I wasn’t just staring at a computer screen for the whole week of being here.

Another thing I will admit now is that I find it quite hard to get motivated when doing tasks, but working here has actually helped me feel motivated in what I do as I was keeping myself busy and being asked to offer advice and help. I feel I have really benefitted from this experience, and I am grateful for having the chance to be involved with the business department of the Library.

Also they have looked after me very well here, as I’ve been working in a fantastic environment (and the food here was amazing) working here certainly has a lot of perks, and I would strongly recommend it to people that were looking into doing their work experience here as it was a wonderful experience. Being involved in doing business here has certainly given me a better outlook on how things work, which will help later on in life, as I wish to have a similar job when I’m older.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience here, and I have learnt a lot more about business, and I now know a lot more what I wish to do in the future.

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