Books at Gladstone's Library

Our new additions

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So far this year we have had the following additions to our collection at the Library, including books by our Writers-in-Residence for 2012.

  • ‘Beyond belief: Islamic excursions among the converted people’ - V.S. Naipaul
  • ‘A heart broken open: radical faith in an age of fear’ - Ray Gaston
  • ‘Arendt: a guide for the perplexed’ - Karin A. Fry
  • ‘Robert Southey and Romantic apostasy: political argument in Britain 1780-1840’ - David M. Craig
  • ‘Catholic sensationalism and Victorian literature’ - Maureen Moran
  • ‘St John and the Victorians’ - Michael Wheeler
  • ‘The Lake poets and professional identity’ - Brian Goldberg
  • ‘Illustrating Camelot’ - Barbara Tepa Lupack
  • ‘Martin Luther: confessor of the faith’ - Robert Kolb
  • ‘Sacred games: a history of Christian worship’ - Bernhard Lang
  • ‘The language of silence: the changing face of monastic solitude’ - Peter-Damian Belisle
  • ‘Wisdom from the monastery’ - Patrick Barry
  • ‘Letting God be God: the Reformed tradition’ - David Cornick
  • ‘Anselm on freedom’ - Katherin Rogers
  • ‘Sarah: mother of nations’ - Tammi J. Schneider
  • ‘Borrowed time’ [Doctor Who] - Naomi Alderman
  • ‘The room of lost things’ - Stella Duffy