Gladstone's Library Through the Eyes of a Chaplain by Martha Watson | Gladstone's Library

Gladstone's Library Through the Eyes of a Chaplain by Martha Watson

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Three months at Gladstone’s Library! Before I came, my friends were envious, particularly those who had visited the Library themselves. At the end of my three months here as custodian/chaplain, I admit they were right to be envious. My time here has been wonderful. Of course, the Library grounds invite a quiet wander. Of course, the Library offers nooks and crannies that invite reading and working. Of course, the lectures and programs have been fascinating. Of course, the guests have been a joy. The Library attracts interesting people who treasure it as a refuge from busy lives, a place to relax in beautiful surroundings or as a setting for work on research projects. Of course, the staff have been helpful and accommodating. They love the Library and its mission; their commitment to the Library shows in the way they reach out to guests. Of course, the food has been delicious; the Library has two excellent chefs and a great kitchen staff.

All these things make the Library a treasure, a not-so-hidden gem in North Wales. It is a one-of-a-kind place that invites lively conversation even as it offers solitude and quiet; a place that takes ideas and hospitality seriously without being ostentatious. It is, simply, a place that invites you to stop, rest, read, think and enjoy. What a gift to be part of this for these last months. I am grateful.

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