Work Experience by Olivia Jones

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Monday, 10th July

Starting my Work Experience at Gladstone’s Library, I was given an introduction and tour of the library itself as well as the collections. Within the library are the History and Theology Rooms plus the Annex. After I was shown around, I helped to open the Reading Rooms and then carried out circulation of the books as well as reshelving them. The circulation process ensures that all the books are in the correct place and if any have been misplaced we are able to find them. In the afternoon I was given time to fill out my Work Experience diary and answered questions relating to the Library which allowed me to gain a better understanding of how it works.

Tuesday, 11th July

Today I helped to open up the library by turning on all the lights and unlocking the doors. I then carried out circulation of the books to make sure all books used the day before had been returned and were in the correct place. Next I was given the task of carrying out a stock check of the Francis collection of books within the Annex. I was also able to change the status of the books on the online catalogue to 'available' or 'missing'. I was then given time to complete my diary. After lunch my afternoon consisted of being shown all of the Glynne-Gladstone archives which are kept in the Strong Room. Lastly I was given the task of creating a catalogue for different documents within an archive collection.

Wednesday, 12th July

The morning consisted of opening up the library and carrying out circulation of the books. I then completed the stock check of the Francis collection within the Annex that I had started on Tuesday. Once this stock check was completed I carried out another stock check of the books that are sold in the bookstall next to Reception. In the afternoon I went into the Marketing department where I learnt how to use a software to schedule three different Twitter and Facebook posts that will be posted within the next week.

Thursday, 13th July

When I arrived at the Library this morning, I went straight to the Marketing department and left my belongings there so that we could leave as soon as we could to get to Chester. Once we arrived in Chester I helped to set up a stand with leaflets, pamphlets and canvas bags as well as banners to promote a festival at Gladstone’s Library called Gladfest. We promoted the festival by handing out 250 free canvas bags that contained leaflets and pamphlets about the festival. In the afternoon, once we had returned to the Library, I researched local events in Flintshire so that the Library can inform people that they can stay at the Library nearby.

Friday, 14th July

On my last day of Work Experience I started the day by opening up the library, followed by circulating the books in the Reading Rooms. I then went back into the Marketing department where I carried out my first task of writing a press release for an upcoming event of an evening with a forthcoming Writer in Residence called Penny Boxall. For this I needed to research the poet so that I could find exciting information that would interest the local press. After I had written my blog I found some pictures of the Library that I could include with the my work experience diary.

The aspect of my week of Work Experience that I enjoyed the most was the Marketing side as I found it very interesting how the Library schedules social media posts but I also enjoyed seeing how the library promotes its upcoming events by visiting areas close by and giving out leaflets as well as talking to people.

By Olivia Jones