The Gladstone's Library Uncommon Calendar of Prayer: we need your input!

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The current resident Chaplain of Gladstone’s Library is working on a project - compiling names, a list of saints and friends of God - to include in an Uncommon Calendar of Prayer for Chapel services.

You are invited to participate in this project by submitting names of persons who have inspired your life in a most positive and decisive way.

Traditional calendars of saints have been overwhelmingly dominated by western church men. This project envisions a broader, more balanced calendar, more global in orientation, with representatives from more diverse fields of inquiry. Sages and scientists; artists, poets and playwrights, philanthropists and social welfare advocates, of Christian persuasion or from other faith expressions will be considered. The calendar intends to herald women and men who have contributed to the elevation of humanity, who have displayed a profound respect for the earth, who have enhanced life with faith, hope and love that is worthy of praise and commemoration.

Your contribution to this project will be greatly appreciated. To contribute, please send the name(s) plus any reasoning you feel appropriate and a brief quote attirbuted to this person to Please note, your nomination must not still be living.

Thank you!

Image: Maya Angelou (d.28th May)