Sophia, a poem

Sophia, a poem

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Sophia (meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek) was carved by sculpture and architectural stone carver Tom Waugh and has watched over the gardens at Gladstone's Library since 2010. Her four stone benches - Cariad (Love), Heddwch (Peace), Gwirionedd (Truth), and Cyfiawnder (Justice) - invite the thinker to idle and contemplate a-while. 

After visiting Gladstone’s Library to attend some writing workshops, Angela Platt was inspired to write the below poem about the statue, which we think is a beautiful response. 

A human body grows
from limestone,
carved Kilkenny Blue
by gifted hand.
One shoulder swathed
clothes arm and abdomen,
right breast maternal offering
accessible and true.
White tresses frame
a humble knowingness,
an oval countenance
squarely eyeing world.
Right hand endows a windfall,
a branch of hope and peace
embodied in an olive tree.
A wise and rooted she. 

By Angela Platt, February 2018

Image: Lauren Holmes