See our Book of Thanks

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The Book of Thanks, which lists the names of the many generous people who supported Gladstone's Library during the Covid-19 shutdown, is now available to view. 

More than £100,000 was donated to the library in response to our Sponsor a Shelf campaign. This provided a vital lifeline and helped enable the library to reopen.

We’ve always known many people support us. Those donating were a mix of people who had known of Gladstone’s Library for many years and we also had messages from people who said they had just heard of us.   

onations came from the UK, from Spain and Scandinavia, and from Australia, the USA and South America. It was truly a global response.

The messages that accompanied the donations are extremely touching. Some say what an important place the library is to to our supporters and others record the ways that being at Gladstone's Library have been life-changing for particular visitors. 

Quite a few people sponsored a shelf in remembrance of someone they loved, and staff at the library are deeply touched at how we are being entrusted with these memories. 

These donations have allowed us to continue to give people the space and time to think and to feed people in mind and body. 

If you are one of these kind donors and you wish to see the Book of Thanks and your named shelf in person, please click here to find out how

The names of all donors and their messages are available to view by clicking the following links. Click this link: The Book of Thanks to view the Book in a scrolling page format. Click this link: Book of Thanks to view the book as a double-page spread. 

If you wish to find a particular name quickly, click on the link and press ctrl and F on a standard PC keyboard or Command and F on an Apple computer.