Join us for Picnic Day on Thursday, 6th July!

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We love picnics - who doesn’t? It’s a mysterious but inarguable fact that sandwiches taste better when eaten on grass in the sunshine. The same goes, funnily enough, for quiche, salad, salmon, baked potatoes and cold meats. Which, by an incredible coincidence, are the exact foods that will be on offer at Picnic Day at Gladstone’s Library on Thursday, 6th July!

If you’re wondering why we’re having a picnic, let us explain: This is Britain. The gorgeous sunshine that we’ve been experiencing is doomed to be a fleeting thing, and we can’t take it for granted. So we’ve decided to make the most of it while it lasts (everyone cross their fingers that it lasts) and will be serving delicious homemade picnic foods from Food for Thought to be taken outside and enjoyed in our beautiful back garden.

Apart from the lack of hot food, arrangements won’t be radically different from usual. Cold lunch will be available between 12pm – 2pm as normal and light snacks between 2pm and 5pm. There will be tea, coffee, cakes and treats - the only difference will be the increase in fun!

No booking necessary - see you then!