From the Archives…an original book receipt

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Here at Gladstone’s Library is where, alongside other collections, the personal collection of William Gladstone himself can be found. A collection that the public can come to peruse and enjoy at their own leisure in such a wonderful setting.

As William Gladstone was such a prolific collector of a vast range of books, it is an unusual treat to come across an original receipt of a purchased book titled L’ Angleterre Politique Et Sociale, written by Auguste Laugel.

Gladstone’s Library's Librarian Gary Butler comments,

"New findings don't occur very often, so it’s always welcome to be able to add to the Gladstone’s collection."

After a short hunt through GladCAT, I was delighted to discover the actual book can still be found on the shelves of the History Room.

As Gladstone’s own collection consists of such a large number of books it is no surprise that not many of their original receipts are still to be found. So it is with much interest to come across this one, dated May 20 1873, and to discover it is one that William Gladstone purchased himself to add to his personal collection and still sits on the library’s shelves today.

By Claire Henderson, Work Placement student (History)

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