Friends' Visit To The Portico Library

Friends' Visit To The Portico Library

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Friends' Visit To The Portico Library, Manchester

One of the benefits of being a Friend of Gladstone’s Library is the opportunity to take part in group visits to places of interest in the company of your fellow Friends.  Our most recent visit was on March 18th when a group visited the Portico Library in Manchester. Like Gladstone’s Library, the Portico is a member of the Association of Independent Libraries and is home to a very special collection of mainly 19th century books reflecting the literary, intellectual and cultural mindset of the men who founded the Portico over 200 years ago.


Bookshelves of the Portico Library


The highlight of the day was a talk by Lynne Allan, Chair of the Portico, followed by a tour of the Reading Rooms during which we were able to view some of the treasures of the collection. We will be returning the favour at the end of May when members of the Portico Library visit Hawarden.


A great day out for our Friends at the Portico Library


Although access to the Portico’s collection is restricted to Members only, non-Members can enjoy light refreshments from 11.00am – 2.30pm on Monday – Saturday so if you find yourself in Manchester and start to feel peckish, you might like to consider the Portico as an alternative watering hole.  Further information can be found at