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Give the gift of Friendship this Christmas

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 22nd October 2019

Introduce a Friend to the Gladstone’s Library family this Christmas and know that you are giving a gift which will make a difference and which will not sit, unused, on the shelf.

Learning from failure by Emily Morris

by Gladstones Library | Sunday, 20th October 2019

Back on a sweltering day in August, I was cycling along the Welsh Road when I heard a thud and a dull skid. I stopped, turned around and saw that one of my overstuffed panniers had fallen off the back of my bike and bounced into the gutter. I wondered if I could hail a black cab, but I wasn't in Manchester anymore.

Self care for writers by Suzannah Evans

by Gladstones Library | Thursday, 17th October 2019

It is undeniably brilliant to be a Poet in Residence here. Every day I get up and eat breakfast that someone else has cooked, leave the dishes and scuttle off to write in one of the most beautiful, wooden beamed, book-scented libraries I have ever been in. After lunch I take a walk around the village in one direction or another, and then come back to write more or read until dinner time.

My bleeding art by Suzannah Evans

by Gladstones Library | Friday, 11th October 2019

A couple of nights ago, at my Q&A event at the Library, an audience member asked a question along the lines of: If I cared about climate change, why wasn’t I writing political slogans instead of poems? A good question in these times of heightened worry for our world and our environment, and one that I answered briefly at the time, but which I think is very important to address more fully too. 

Digital relationships

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 08th October 2019

Every few years, there is a gathering of a unique set of clans. In the UK, they are called ‘independent libraries’, while in the US they are ‘member libraries’; in Australia, they are ‘mechanics institutes’. All are libraries that make their own way in the world, with small budgets and even smaller staff numbers.

Celebrating Libraries Week 7th - 12th October

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 08th October 2019

Happy Libraries Week!

From 7th to 11th October, libraries of all kinds across the country will be celebrating the valuable work we do and the valuable spaces and collections (and readers!) we look after.