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“It’s a mere nonsense”: Gladstone’s Homeric Age

by Julia Kelly | Friday, 23rd June 2017

‘Looked into my papers on Homer: & I am strongly tempted to undertake something…’ wrote Gladstone on 7th July 1855, unaware that that ‘something’ would occupy his thoughts for much of the next three years. What began as a small project to be completed while out of office grew to a three volume work: Homer and the Homeric Age (1858).

WIN a bundle of theatre and Gladfest tickets for Uncle Vanya

by Julia Kelly | Friday, 16th June 2017

As we approach Gladfest, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a series of competitions to win a selection of fabulous festival prizes. 

The first of these competitions is run in conjunction with our friends at Theatr Clwyd whose new version of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya opens in September.

Work Experience by Kate Robertson

by Julia Kelly | Wednesday, 14th June 2017

This morning I helped to open up the library and start the circulation process, which meant that I had to use the Heritage Online software and the Cirqaclient software. 

Interview: Genesis Redux with Lyn Bechtel

by Julia Kelly | Tuesday, 13th June 2017

Lyn Bechtel is a feminist Hebrew Bible scholar. 

Over the week of 26th – 30th June, Lyn leads a course at Gladstone’s Library entitled ‘Genesis Redux’. The course examines three disturbing stories from the Book of Genesis which represent a theology that is foundational to the theology of Jesus; Deuteronomic theology. These stories are Lot and his Daughters (Genesis. 19), Dinah and Shechem (Genesis. 34) and Tamar and Judah (Genesis. 38).

Volunteer at Gladfest!

by Julia Kelly | Tuesday, 06th June 2017

We are currently looking for a small team of Site Information Volunteers for our Gladfest literary festival which takes place at the Library 1st – 3rd September.

Work Experience by Mia Mori

by Julia Kelly | Monday, 05th June 2017

Starting my week of Work Experience at Gladstone’s Library I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. Since it was Founder’s Day, an annual event at the Library, it wasn’t the average day of work.

Work Experience by Owen Yale-Helms

by Julia Kelly | Thursday, 01st June 2017

The start of my Work Experience was not an ordinary day at Gladstone’s Library; it was Founder’s Day and was one of Gladstone Library’s most important events of the year.