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The Art of Bookbinding, by Lauren Christina Holmes

by Julia Kelly | Thursday, 06th November 2014

Within the first month of my internship, Siân (one of the previous interns) had embarked upon a day-long bookbinding course. Although I’d spent much of my life around books, as silly as it seems, the thought had never occurred to me that some books were made by human hands. I rather expected all books nowadays to be stamped into existence by a great, clunking, efficient machine. I thought that hand-bound books belonged to the centuries before industry charged into towns and cities and made flesh hands idle and cold metal grind.

Job Description Library Intern (January-March 2015)

by Julia Kelly | Wednesday, 15th October 2014

This is a rare opportunity to join the successful intern programme at Gladstone’s Library. We are proud to say that almost all previous interns have, as a direct result of their experience here,

Chaplains at Gladstones Library

by Julia Kelly | Tuesday, 23rd September 2014

We are looking for Chaplains who are ‘inclusive’ in nature and ecumenical in spirit. The Library is host to clergy and laity of both sexes and from many traditions. It was Gladstone’

Katrina Naomi and Tim Ridley Interview

by Julia Kelly | Thursday, 07th August 2014

As part of our Fifty Days of Gladfest, we caught up with Katrina Naomi and Tim Ridley, to discuss their event 'The Argument: Art Vs Poetry'.GLADSTONE’S LIBRARY (GL):Your event at

The Great War, Literature, and Us

by Julia Kelly | Tuesday, 05th August 2014

Greg Garrett, one of America's outstanding professors is one of our current guests at Gladstone's Library. Here he shares his thoughts on The Great War...

Founder's Day 2014

by Julia Kelly | Friday, 25th July 2014

Founder’s Day is one of the most prestigious dates in the Gladstone’s Library calendar.On July 7 members of the Gladstone family, Trustees, Fellows of the Library and their special gue

Seb Harris Looks Back at His Week at Gladstone's Library

by Julia Kelly | Friday, 04th July 2014

Seb Harris has been at the Library for the past week for work experience. Now he looks back on his week with us.I chose Gladstone’s Library for my work experience for one specific reason:

    Who is Rumi by Muriel Maufroy

    by Julia Kelly | Tuesday, 20th May 2014

    Muriel Maufroy introduces you to Jalaluddin Rumi and explains why a thirteenth-century poet has been the bestselling american poet for two decades.

    Understanding Gladstone by Kate Atkinson

    by Julia Kelly | Thursday, 06th March 2014

    Kate Atkinson, a work experience student at Gladstone's Library, writes about her time with us and about what she learned of the Grand Old Man during her time with us.

    On Borders by Adnan Mahmutovic

    by Julia Kelly | Thursday, 30th January 2014

    Our Writer in Residence Adnan Mahmutovic gears up for his Hearth talk in this post that examines borders. Should they be worried? How much can they be bothered? Adnan has the answers.