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Lying in Wait by Phillip Clement

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 17th December 2013

Few times in my life have I been as insulted as I was on the evening of Wednesday last.I rose, as is my morning custom, at a respectable 8.15am and underwent my usual morning routine: showeri

A Call to Arms by Jamie Stokes

by Gladstones Library | Wednesday, 11th December 2013

The noble consulting intern, Jamie Stokes, picks up the gauntlet laid down for him by the mysterious "Professor" and, so it seems, not a moment to soon...

The Game is Afoot by Phillip Clement

by Gladstones Library | Monday, 09th December 2013

In response to the recent publication of Mr Jamie Stokes' 'Commencing the Treasure Hunt' web log, Phillip Clement, writes to his adversary to forewarn him...