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Lying in Wait by Phillip Clement

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 17th December 2013

Few times in my life have I been as insulted as I was on the evening of Wednesday last.I rose, as is my morning custom, at a respectable 8.15am and underwent my usual morning routine: showeri

A Call to Arms by Jamie Stokes

by Gladstones Library | Wednesday, 11th December 2013

The noble consulting intern, Jamie Stokes, picks up the gauntlet laid down for him by the mysterious "Professor" and, so it seems, not a moment to soon...

The Game is Afoot by Phillip Clement

by Gladstones Library | Monday, 09th December 2013

In response to the recent publication of Mr Jamie Stokes' 'Commencing the Treasure Hunt' web log, Phillip Clement, writes to his adversary to forewarn him...

Mrs Gladstone by Muriel Maufroy

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 12th November 2013

Muriel Maufroy uses a book found in the library as she delves into the secret life of Catherine Gladstone to discuss the complex intricacies of marriage in the Nineteenth Century.

Glad to be at Gladstone's by Angela Topping

by Gladstones Library | Wednesday, 30th October 2013

I am over half way through my residency at Gladstones and my public events are all over. I have decided what I want to achieve before I leave on 24th October. So what have I been up to while I have be

What Libraries Mean to Me by Angela Topping

by Gladstones Library | Wednesday, 23rd October 2013

Writer-in-Residence, Angela Topping reminisces about her time spent in libraries, from ours to those of her childhood. In sharing her thoughts over the past two weeks, she presents a case for the Libr

Professor A.C. Grayling Founders Day Lecture

by Gladstones Library | Wednesday, 24th July 2013

Gladstones Library welcomed Professor A.C. Grayling to the Library as part of its Founders Day celebrations this month. As part of the days events he gave a lecture on The necessity of a liberal educa

Introducing the Timeline Project by Gary Butler

by Gladstones Library | Friday, 28th June 2013

The usefulness of books constantly changes over time. While library buildings remain fixed as permanent structures, the collection of books within them are always in a state of flux. Reorganising lib

History Revisited by Muriel Maufroy

by Gladstones Library | Friday, 21st June 2013

To accept that our views on historical matters need examination and possibly re-evaluation is certainly a challenge, but a rewarding one. This is exactly what Fergus Nicolls book, Gladstone, Gordon an

Flintshire Records Office by Liam Cookson

by Gladstones Library | Tuesday, 04th June 2013

Liam Cookson, a work-based learning student from the University of Chester, has been working in the library for five weeks. While on placement, Liam was able to attend a workshop offered by the Flints