A polite notice to budding photographers

A polite notice to budding photographers

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There’s no denying that the Reading Rooms at Gladstone’s Library are a pleasure to look at. We love that visitors want to commemorate a trip with a photo or 10, and we actively encourage you to do so and to share via social media and blogs. It’s a real melting pot of people we welcome through those beautiful wooden doors – a melting pot of creative eyes and abilities!

However, if you are using a DSLR camera, please do check with a member of staff before you start snapping. Everyone wants to capture the moment and the memory, but it’s sometimes tricky for us to tell who is taking a picture for their personal use, and who is going to sell it on to make their millions.

As an independent library and registered charity, our survival relies on being unique. Please help us to preserve this.

If in doubt, just ask!