Renewing liberal values in religion and politics

Renewing liberal values in religion and politics

23rd October - 25th October 2020

The rising tide of fundamentalism and populism links ultra-conservative religious and political thought. Can theological and political liberals find common ground not just to counter the conservatives but to seize the initiative and proclaim a new and appealing set of liberal values? This course explores the underlying core values of both theological and poltical liberalism and the extent to which they can be harnessed, applied and put into practice.

Ian Bradley was Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History in the University of St Andrews and is well known as a preacher, writer and broadcaster. He is the author of over 40 books.

Peter Francis studied at the University of St Andrews and then the Queen’s College in Birmingham. He was ordained into the Anglican Church in 1978. His ministry has included periods in England, Scotland and Wales. Peter was Rector of Ayr and Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow. He is now the Warden of Gladstone’s Library.

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