Reading Race: New Voices

Reading Race: New Voices

1st April - 31st May 2022

Date tbc: April/May 2022

This in-person talk featuring equal rights activists Nkechi Allen-Dawson and Jackie Anyango will reflect on the dominance of white narratives in literature and how this shapes society.

Setting out how white narratives are neither neutral, objective or representative of a true majority, they will discuss how these themes have shaped their views with the hope that this might offer alternative ways of thinking and acting for allies who want to do better.

In the wake of Black History Month, where libraries and booksellers highlighted minority ethnic authors, it is clear these are actions that could - and should - be made year-round.

The speakers will discuss ways to find and promote diverse authors to different communities.

They will also explore ways to reflect on and make additions to library catalogues to better reflect a diverse society, focusing particularly on books by writers and illustrators from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Tickets will be released shortly.