My Name is Monster, and Other Monsters - An Evening with Writer in Residence Katie Hale



My Name is Monster, and Other Monsters - An Evening with Writer in Residence Katie Hale

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2019 saw the creation of one of literature’s newest monsters; a woman who has survived an apocalyptic event and simply wants to survive. What links this apparently blameless woman to Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein? What, in turn, links the older novels to stories that are older still? Join Katie Hale as she explores why these stories still have a hold on our collective cultural consciousness, even hundreds of years after they were conceived. Why are novelists like Katie still drawn to ‘reversion’ these stories, to add to the story while telling it again? A chance to learn how writing is an ongoing conversation across centuries.

Katie Hale is a poet, lyricist and novelist who says she has her ‘finger in a lot of art-related pies’. She can be found blogging, leading workshops, reviewing, managing and administering art projects, writing song lyrics, and even performing as the ‘occasional frontwoman of a guerrilla poetry mission’. She spent February 2019 as poet in residence at the Wordsworth Trust. Katie’s poetry has been published in two pamphlets – Breaking the Surface (2017) and Assembly Instructions (2019) – as well as magazines like Poetry Review. Her poetry has either won or been shortlisted for many prizes, including the Buzzwords Poetry Prize and the Manchester Poetry Prize. Her debut novel was 2019’s My Name is Monster.

Tickets are priced at £18 or £30 with dinner (a copy of My Name is Monster included). 

Image: Phil Rigby 

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