Making the Personal Political - An Evening with Writer in Residence Cal Flyn


Join our May Writer in Residence, Cal Flyn, as she considers how human stories can make the personal political. Cal’s latest book, Thicker than Water, takes a creative approach to telling the story of the Highland Brigade, responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Indigenous Australians. The leader of the Brigade was Angus Macmillan: pioneer, pillar of settler society – and Cal’s relative. Macmillan’s personal relation to Cal informs her book’s telling of a deeply political story.

Cal Flyn is a writer, reporter and editor. For many years she worked in both print and online media, before a move to freelance allowed her to move more formally into the literary world. Her work has been published in Granta, The Sunday Times Magazine, Aeon, and the New Statesman. Her debut book, Thicker than Water, was published by Harper Collins in 2016. Whatever the format, Cal’s writing betrays an interest in indigeneity and colonialism, a talent for memoir and an eye for nature. Cal grew up in the Highlands before moving to London via Oxford, and now lives in Edinburgh.

Tickets are priced at £15 which includes a copy of Thicker Than Water.

Food for Thought will be open for dinner, which must be booked in advance.

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