Liberal Christianities

21st April - 22nd April 2022

Liberal Christianities
Thursday 21st April to Friday 22nd April

This short residential course is hosted by Ian Bradley (Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History at University of St Andrews) and Peter Francis (Warden and Director of Gladstone’s Library).

People often claim that they are ‘liberal’ Christians but it is a term that is difficult to define. No two liberal theologians think alike! Perhaps, of course, such diversity may be part of that definition. ‘Honesty’ is also a key word for liberal Christians – perhaps as a nod to the influence of John Robinson’s Honest to God but also to expressing what is believed by an individual regardless of the constraints of creeds and tradition.

This course offers an opportunity to listen to two ‘honest’ liberal reflections on the central tenets of Christianity and offers space for all participants to reflect on their own belief.

Residential Cost per person in a single room (including all meals) is £200

Residential Cost per couple (including all meals) is £330

Non-Residential Cost per person (including all meals) is £140

Discounts of 20% on accommodation and course costs are available for clergy/students. 

Thursday 21st April

2:00pm Welcome and introduction

2:15 Liberal God (Ian Bradley)

2:45 Liberal God (Peter Francis)

3:15 Discussion followed by tea

4:15 Liberal Jesus (with Peter Francis)

4:45 Liberal Jesus (with Ian Bradley)

5:15 Discussion

From 6:00 Dinner

7:45 Life of Brian (Terry Jones, 1979)

Friday 22nd April

10:00 Liberal Spirit (with Ian Bradley)

10:30 Liberal Spirit (with Peter Francis)

11:00 Discussion and Conclusion

11:45 Eucharist

12:15: Lunch

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