Jelly Day

Jelly Day

10am - 4pm

Do you work from home and need a day in different surroundings?

Why not come to one of our Jelly Days - the perfect place for quiet working and a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

The principle behind Jelly is simple - just bring your laptop or whatever you need to work, and share our space (and free Wi Fi!) with other workers. Sometimes quiet, sometimes chatty, Jellies are great ways to meet new business contacts, although they are definitely not 'networking' events and direct selling to fellow Jelly attendees is discouraged.

We will provide as many power sockets as possible, but please ensure you arrive with a full battery!

This event will take place in Food for Thought and is completely free to attend. Booking is essential. To book, please call 01244 532350 or email

You can find out more about Jelly Days at

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