Hospitality Day 2021

Hospitality Day 2021

Join us for Hospitality Day at Gladstone’s Library on September 18th. 

Currently, we are not able to offer Glimpses as usual, but a very kind volunteer has agreed to host several glimpses for this special event in order to support the library and help raise funds for Hospitality Action, a charity that supported hospitality workers during the pandemic.

An honesty box book sale in Food for Thought will raise funds for the charity, so please bring some coins with you! The books available are a blend of contemporary literature, non-fiction and older stock. 

Here you can select either lunch and a glimpse, tea and cake and a glimpse or dinner and a glimpse.

Thank you for supporting the library and hospitality workers across the UK.

To book onto the Hospitality Day Glimpses, please click one of the following:

Book lunch (one course plus hot drink) and a Glimpse.

Book tea*, cake and a Glimpse.

Book dinner (two courses plus hot drink) and a Glimpse.

*Or coffee.