Gladfest 2021: The Widening Circle of Us with Peter Francis and Sarah Perry

Gladfest 2021: The Widening Circle of Us with Peter Francis and Sarah Perry

Peter Francis talks frankly with Sarah Perry about faith, his heterodox beliefs,  death, privilege, inclusion,  literature, film, Gladstone and slavery as well as the past and present role of Gladstone’s  Library Like his current book, this talk will be reflection on his life as a priest and his nearly 25 years as Warden of Gladstone’s Library.  

Peter Francis was appointed Warden of Gladstone’s Library in 1997. Prior to this Peter’s ministry had been in Glasgow and Ayr in Scotland and the West Midlands and London in England. He was appointed to the library to widen its appeal and attract a more diverse audience. This has been achieved partly by the literary programme and GladfestFrom a religious point of view he has broadened the library from being predominately Anglican to including all Christian denominations as well as other religions. Peter lives on site at Gladstone’s Library with his wife Helen and they have recently become proud grandparents.  

Although The Widening Circle  of Us - A Theological Memoir is Peter’s first book, he has contributed to and edited books on a wide variety of subjects: film and theology, inclusive Anglicanism, rural and urban theology, as well as William Gladstone. The memoir is published by the University of Chester Press

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