Above Us Only Sky: Discovering a God That is All Around Us

Above Us Only Sky: Discovering a God That is All Around Us

Organised religion is not only in crisis because it is perceived as irrelevant and its adherents hypocritical, but because the language and liturgies of faith posit a God that no longer makes sense in the age of science, or is confounding, even deadly, in its partisan logic. It is often said that we are made in the image of God, but in practice, many of the faithful have made God in their own image.

For millions the patriarch of Heaven is dead, and violence in the name of a deity that has been conscripted for every cause and conflict must be replaced by what Tillich called the ‘Ground of Being’, and Barbara Brown Taylor called ‘The Luminous Web.’ This requires new ways to worship, pray, and be faithful in the world. Atheists are coming out of the closet, including Rev. Robin Meyers.

Robin Meyers is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, Distinguished Professor of Social Justice at Oklahoma City University, the best selling author of seven books, a widely-travelled lecturer and preacher on behalf of Progressive Christianity, and an award-winning columnist for the Oklahoma Gazette, and National Public Radio. He has been the Senior Minister of Mayflower Congregational UCC of Oklahoma City since 1985, the fastest growing UCC in the Kansas Oklahoma area.

This course includes entry to God as The Luminous Web: A Public Lecture with Robin Meyers.

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