Covid 19 safety measures for Gladstone's Library Guests

Gladstone’s Library Covid-19 Policy

Welcome to Gladstone’s Library. Our COVID-19 policy has been drawn up to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests. On this page, we set out the measures we have taken with this in mind, and also outline the steps our guests can take to help Gladstone’s Library and each other. Specific guidelines for our Reading Rooms are available here. Please email if you have any further queries. We are always happy to hear from you.

The updated Welsh Covid rules are available here

Before You Arrive

All visitors are asked to review our COVID-19 update on the website before they visit. A link will be sent with every booking confirmation. Due to the rapidly changing situation, this will be updated as necessary. To reduce the risk to others, especially if you haven’t been double-vaccinated, you may wish to take a lateral flow test (LFT) before visiting.

We advise staff, guests, visitors and volunteers not to visit the library if:

~ They are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. Click here to check the most recent NHS list of COVID symptoms

~ They have been contacted by Track and Trace and instructed to isolate (and have NOT been double-vaccinated)

~ A member of their household has COVID symptoms or a positive test result 

~ They have recently received a positive test result via either a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or a lateral flow test

At Gladstone's Library

We are taking a COVID-cautious approach, and as such, masks are a requirement inside the library building. Staff will politely prompt anyone not wearing a mask to please do so. If you are exempt, we suggest you either provide your own exemption lanyard or contact Reception to be given one to wear during your visit. Masks are also available in Reception.

Masks can be removed:

~ In bedrooms

~ Once you are seated in the restaurant, Gladstone room, conference rooms or the Reading Rooms, provided that two metre social distancing can be achieved

The NHS Track and Trace programme is fully supported by the team and all visitors to the library, in any capacity, will be asked to record their contact details, within GDPR guidelines, for those purposes. All contact details will be destroyed after 21 days.

Regular handwashing remains the best protection against transmission of COVID-19, and we have increased our toilet capacity to help with this. There are also hand-sanitiser stations located around the building.

Please bear in mind Gladstone’s Library is an old building with narrow corridors and stairwells, which can create ‘pinch points’ where social distancing is difficult. All guests are reminded to be respectful of others and make room to allow people to pass.

Staff Responsibilities

All staff have received guidance in the prevention of infection and transmission and there are clear procedures in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including bi-weekly lateral flow testing for staff.

Cleaning practices continue to be a priority and all department are responsible for cleaning and sanitising frequently used contact points.

Residential Guests

Our COVID-19 cancellation policy allows guests to re-arrange their stay without penalty if they need to due to COVID-19, without penalty, so that nobody should feel pressured to visit due to potential cancellation charges.

A link will be sent to all residential guests so that they can review all our updated services prior to arrival.

Our housekeeping team continues to strive for the highest standards of cleanliness, and we have extra checks in place to ensure that all contact points are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between guests.

Conference spaces

Conference rooms are fully cleaned and ventilated after each use and hand sanitiser is provided within each room.

All our conference spaces have windows which can be opened to improve ventilation.

Delegates are asked to wear their masks in conference spaces, except when a two metre distance can be achieved.

Risk assessment

A COVID-19 risk assessment has been completed which covers all areas of the library. This has also been approved by Delyn Safety UK Ltd, our Health and Safety advisors. This is reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure that our safety measures accurately reflect government guidance and the current risk to staff and guests, and to protect the organisation from unnecessary disruption.