The Chapel at Gladstone's Library

The Chapel is available for shared silence, personal prayer, meditation and mindfulness every morning from 7.45am. On weekdays at 8am all are welcome to join in a brief gathering (maximum 20 minutes) of poetry, prompts for reflection and a simple sharing of bread and wine according to an open and inclusive Christian tradition.

For all faiths, those without faith and anyone who would appreciate the opportunity to ground their day in reflective practice before breakfast.

  • Engage the ground of your being
  • Stir your creative juices
  • Prepare for a productive day in the library
  • Focus your mind and body
  • Attend to your spiritual journey
  • Find new passion for daily work
  • Discover the perennial wisdom of the ages
  • Enrich your imagination
  • Participate in nature’s rhythms
  • Worship your creator
  • Maintain your habitual practice
  • Swim in the sea of faith
  • Share silence with others
  • Discern your way forward
  • Be nourished by poetry and prose, old and new

These things and more before breakfast!

Consider joining us - many have found it a helpful way to start the day:

‘A place to rest your heart’

- F.W.

‘A blessed and peaceful start to the day’

- D.F.

‘A perfect way to feed the soul before breakfast’

- J.P.