5-star accommodation reviews | Gladstone's Library


"Great Place to read, write and relax.

An absolutely perfect place for my needs, great library and facilities, comfy bed and room, great food and good conversations with other guests."


"Victorian gem.

I stayed five nights last week with a friend and we were both charmed by it. As a keen Victorian, I was delighted to stay in a John Douglas building brought up to modern standards."

Jane W

"Gladstone’s library is a remarkable place. A haven for reflection, study and quiet..."

Wales Arts Review

"It's not just a B&B, it’s a peaceful, restorative retreat...It will feel like a privilege."

The Telegraph

"As a working writer, I’ve gone to many places to work…but I have never found anything as appealing as this strange and beautiful institution in Wales"

Huffington Post

"An exceptional institution where seriousness and laughter, and camaraderie and solitude, have a vital place"

Times Higher Education

"Its books and sense of history were a blissful, secular balm...this place is truly special."


"I have visited the Library on several occasions but this last visit has been beyond what I expected. Without exception every member of staff is excellent and this really adds to the feel of the place. "

Ann Niven