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An Evening with Peter Jukes: Scientology and the Limits of Religious Freedom

Thursday 2 May 8pm

Many of the conflicts of the late 20th century, strangely enough, have returned to the role of religion, though the principle of religious freedom and tolerance seemed to have been won two centuries ago, Why is this happening? Is this just a problem with radical Islam? And what if religious fundamentalism is met with atheist fundamentalism? Ever since the Salman Rushdie affair former liberals, renowned for the tolerance, have become militant. The Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens line being perhaps the most celebrated and strident. But does their proselytising atheism actually accord with the idea of secularism - which is both freedom from religion and for religion. Have we created a new intolerance? Much of this will be explored through talking about the claims and religious status of Scientology - a fascinating and evocative case study.

£7 includes a Hendrick's Gin and Tonic.

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