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Page to Screen: Filming the Classics

Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd June

This course will look at two Victorian and Edwardian novels, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights (1847) and A. E. W. Mason’s The Four Feathers (1902) and their film adaptations in Zoltan Korda’s The Four Feathers (1939), William Wyler’s Wuthering Heights (1939) and Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights (2011). Each deals with love and betrayal from different perspectives (personal, patriotic). Over the weekend, we shall discuss the novels and view the films, examining, among other things, how the screen adaptations, in their treatment of the novels, have enhanced (or otherwise) these classics for us. While introductions will be given to each of these literary and cinematic texts, it is expected that participants will have read the novels in advance. For one of our sessions (Excerpts, Clips & Cuttings), we ask that people bring a short passage from one of the novels (or clip from one of the films) on which they would be prepared to comment for 3-5 minutes.

The Course Leaders

A Fellow of Gladstone’s Library, Dr William Telford has recently retired as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Durham, and is currently a Visiting Fellow at St John’s College, Durham. His research interests include the Historical Jesus, the Canonical Gospels, especially the Gospel of Mark, Methods of Biblical Interpretation and the Bible in Literature and Film. He has published on these subjects in a number of books, journals and edited works. University courses he has taught include Jesus in Fiction and Film and The Bible in the Cinema.

Dr Andrena Telford studied Victorian literature for the degree of M.Litt. at Edinburgh University, and wrote her dissertation on ‘Childhood in the Novels of Charles Dickens’. She subsequently taught courses on the novel for the Adult Education Departments of Cambridge, Oxford and Newcastle Universities, before going on to do her doctorate in Adult Education at Durham. For twenty years until her retirement she was a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Northumbria University, during which time she maintained her interest both in the Victorian novel and in film.

The inclusive course fee (£170 - £190) covers morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, bed and breakfast. Non-residential prices, Clergy and Student discounts are available on request.

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