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Liquid Faith: Exploring Religious Bi-Identity

Monday 1st – Wednesday 3rd July

The Dalai Lama suggested that we should not become too attached to our own faiths. Many Christians are increasingly drawing on insights, metaphors and teaching from other faiths and traditions expressing their own spiritual growth and development in terms of religious bi-identity. Some talk of their inner and outer church. Many of us need new paradigms to help us define and identify our religious identity. Envisaging faith as a liquid and porous entity which may express itself in different, shifting, multiple ways may help.

What outside our own primary religious tradition informs and enriches our complete religious life? Ian Bradley, of St Andrews University, and Elizabeth Ursic, of Mesa Community College, Arizona will lead the course. Ian’s most recent book explores the spiritual resonances of water, not least its capacity to absorb, carry and pass on different influences and its porous, flowing, healing quality. He draws on Taoism’s understanding of the spiritual significance of water and on Hindu and Buddhist ideas of losing self and returning to the ocean depths. Elizabeth, has written widely on feminist and queer theology, new ways of envisaging gender and sexuality, goddess worship and interfaith issues. She will share her research on the interface between paganism and Christianity and on goddess spirituality.

The inclusive course fee (£170 - £190) covers morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, bed and breakfast. Non-residential prices, Clergy and Student discounts are available on request.

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