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Latin in a Week

Monday 19th - Sunday 25th August

This exciting and successful approach to learning Latin aims to take complete beginners to the point where they can read some short extracts of poetry and prose by Latin authors. Robert Parker returns to lead the week for those who wish to begin to read Latin. It can also be enjoyed by those who know some Latin and wish to revise and improve their knowledge of it, but no prior knowledge is assumed: all that is asked is that you have read the Preface and Introduction to the course textbook before starting the course.

Textbook: Peter Jones: Learn Latin (the Book of the Daily Telegraph QED Series) (1997); Publisher: Duckworth (George Duckworth & Co Ltd); ISBN: 0 7156 2757 0

Before the course begins please read the Preface and the Introduction, and note where to find the Grammatical Summary (pp.145-169), the Recorded Vocabulary (pp.170-175) and the Grammatical Index (p.176). You will also find it helpful if you have read some of the earlier Chapters, as the pace will be fast.

The inclusive course fee (£510 - £570) covers morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, bed and breakfast. Non-residential prices, Clergy and Student discounts are available on request.

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