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Creating Sacred Space: Approaches to Leading Creative Quiet Days

Wednesday 26th June

This Retreat Association Training Day will address what might be involved in a holistic sense when preparing Retreats or putting on quiet days. Participants will be invited to explore their own ways of working, delve into their own creative energy (or lack of it) in order to develop more confidence in engaging all of the senses to create sacred space for people taking part in their retreat.

Mary Elizabeth Nono has been involved in retreat work and spiritual direction for more than twenty years. She is a member of the Salford Prayer Guides and the Catholic Network for Retreats and Spirituality and focal points for Liturgy at National RA and CNRS conferences. She has given workshops on creating sacred space in both Europe and the USA.

The morning will be mainly in-put and reflection and the afternoon will be more practical. The day will start at 10:00 am and finish at 3:30 pm.

The inclusive course fee of £28 covers morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea (£23 for members of any Retreat Association Group). Overnight accomodation is also available.

To book call 01244 532350 or email


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