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Courses at Gladstone's Library

Please note that courses should be booked by contacting Reception, either by calling 01244 532350, emailing or by coming into visit us.  Courses cannot be booked online. 

Welsh in a Week 

Monday 28 July - Sunday 3 August

Mabinogion Text

For the old or young; the seasoned gossip or the blossoming  bard. Intended for all interested participants, this is for you and requires no prior knowledge. Julie Brake will ensure that you leave us with a new language. Nid ydych yn credu ni? Cymherwch golwg eich hun.

All you need to bring is a pencil and a desire to learn.

Tickets: Full inclusive price: £504 - £564 residential/ non-residential £294

Hebrew in a Week

Monday 4 - Sunday 10 August


לא מאמינים לנו? ראה בעצמך

Lyn Bechtel offers this exciting way in which to enjoy and understand Biblical Hebrew.  This staple of the Gladstone’s calendar is a tried and tested means of either beginning from scratch or revising.

Tickets: Fully inclusive price £564 - £504 residential/ non-residential £294

Greek in a Week

Monday 11 - Sunday 17 August

Greek Text

Δεν μας πιστεύετε; Δείτε και μόνοι σας

Profess and philosophise with Aristotle! Ideal for anyone wishing to learn New Testament Greek or even those wanting to improve their knowledge of it.  This tried and tested course - a very successful way of learning the basics of New Testament Greek - is now in its seventeenth year and is led by New Testament scholar Kalyan Dey.

Tickets: Fully inclusive price: £504 - £564 residential/ non-residential £294

Latin in a Week

Monday 18 - Sunday 24 August

Homer's 'Illiad' with Gladstone's Annotations in Greek

Non creditis nos? Cernere ipsos!

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your Latin.

Robert Parker returns for another year to lead you by hand down the dusty annals of Classic Latin.  Does the possessive go there? or does that word belong to that gender? Is that the right  tense? Robert knows, and he will help. For first time speakers or veterans - this is for you.

Tickets: Fully inclusive price: £504 - £564 residential/ non-residential £294

Latin Second Steps

Sunday 31 August - Thursday 4 September

Prologus Ioanni Vulgata Clementina

Advance booking is recommended.Intended for those who have completed Robert’s earlier course (either this year or previously) this course will take your hard-earned grammatical knowledge of Latin forward to the next step, and from there - who knows?The inimitable Robert Parker returns to Gladstone's Library ready to marshall and advance your Latin abilities.

Tickets: Fully inclusive price: £336 - £376 residential/ non-residential £196


The Quest for the Original John

Monday 15 - Thursday 18 September

'Bede Contemplates John's Gospel' by J.D. Penrose

Kalyan Dey tries to uncover the original writer of the gospel of John and to reveal his message and his purpose in writing. A fascinating and surprising, almost Sufiistic approach, to John’s gospel that reveals a new understanding of the text.How much of a text is tied to the understanding of the writer and how much is our understanding of the text itself.?

Tickets: Fully inclusive price: £252 - £282 residential/ non-residential £147

Films of Faith and Doubt

Monday 3 - Thursday 6 November


Film. We all turn to it in times of stress and doubt. This perennial favourite of the Gladstone's Library calendar is geared to give you the chance to explore some of the most iconic films of faith and doubt and, possibly, to introduce you to new icons and favourites. Peter Francis hosts this opportunity to view and reflect on classic and contemporary films of faith and doubt. Films shown will include: To Kill a Mockingbird, Amadeus, Babette’s Feast, Into Great Silence, Brokeback Mountain and Twelve Years a Slave. This is for you!

Tickets: Fully inclusive price: £252 - £282 residential/ non-residential £147

Great British Films

Monday 8 - Thursday 11 December

'The Third Man' - Orson Welles

An opportunity to watch, discuss and argue our pick of 5 of the best British films ever made: Don’t Look Now; The Third Man; Distant Voices, Still Lives; Kes and The Red Shoes. Perfect winter fare! Peter Francis sets us down for this celebration of all that is great about British Cinema. Step into Christmas with a film this year.

Booking is essential.

Tickets: Fully inclusive price: £282 - £252 residential/ non-residential £147




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